The best time of year to look for a new home in Georgian Bay

Does the time of the year truly matter when it comes to purchasing real estate from a realtor? Well, it depends; there may be certain times when Collingwood real estate listings are more prevalent than other times of the year. Usually, the early spring and summer months it’s considered the optimal time to move.

The weather is perfect, people take their vacation days, plus the children are out of school too in the summer months. The seasons do tend to affect houses going on sale and the competitiveness itself. Realistically speaking, you can find a good home and a helpful realtor regardless of the season. But here is everything you’ll want to know about finding good Collingwood real estate listings and their accommodating seasons.


Buying a new home in the summer is the ideal time for several reasons. The warm weather brings out homebuyers in droves. The days are longer, which gives you more time to explore a new home. This is also an ideal time to move if you’re moving cross-country.

Buying a home in the summer is great if you want to get your kids settled in before school starts. You will have more time to do the little things, such as setting up your new home. You also won’t have to worry about your kids disrupting their school schedules. This is a good time to get them involved in their new neighborhood’s activities.


Whether you are buying or selling a home, the real estate market is a hotbed of activity. In many markets, more homes are listed in the spring than in the fall and winter. That means buyers have more choices. Buying during the spring can lead to a bidding war, and the competition drives prices up. However, you will have the most selection if you can afford the price. Home buyers looking to get the best deal will want to purchase during the spring. The weather is more pleasant, and homes show better in the spring light.

Many families want to move into their new homes before the school year begins. Spring closings are also convenient for families. When the kids are out of school (spring break), they

can pack up their things and have time to organize their moves. Plus, the daylight is longer, and it feels more comfortable outside compared to those hot summer days.

Other Factors

Fall and winter tend to have less inventory on the market, which is why spring and summer are both considered optimal. While seasons will play a big role in the inventory, it’s not always just about the time of year but the year itself. If there is unrest in the market, that’s going to completely affect it too. On top of that, the interest rates are based on the federal reserve.

Personal readiness needs to be another factor, such as how much income you have and what stage in life you’re at. Plus, whether or not you’re in a good spot to handle debt. All of these need to be factored in before purchasing real estate.