Why should you avail the services of professional Travertine cleaning and repair firms?

Travertine is a type of stone typically used inside households as tiles. It is similar to how people use marble and granite inside their houses. These types of stones typically develop around certain types of mineral sprint deposits. 

This stone comes in 4 types as follows:

  • Brushed
  • Polished
  • Tumbled
  • Honed

Brushed travertine provides a matte finish while Honed travertine provides a subtle polished look that is a part glossy and part matte finish. Polished travertine has a classy look to it and finally, tumbled travertine has an antique feel to it.

Advantages of using Travertine tiles:

  • Looks: Travertine tiles provide a look of class and are naturally good-looking.
  • Long-lasting: These tiles can last a lifetime. Evidence for this can be seen in Roman structures which are still intact to date.
  • Durability: Can easily sustain for years with basic routine maintenance. These tiles are considered best for households with children.
  • Resistance: These tiles are considered to be resistant to heat no matter what the temperatures the heat rises to.
  • Value: Having travertine tiles in your house easily increases the value of your house when you plan to sell the house.
  • Modifiable: This tile can easily be cut into different shapes which gives the owner a lot of modification options.

Disadvantages of using Travertine tiles:

  • Porous: These types of stones are porous. They have a lot of holes and can lead to wear and tear as the years pass by.
  • Maintenance: These tiles need to be cleaned by professionals if there are stains on the tiles. Professionals have the required solutions to get rid of the stains.
  • Temperature: Travertine is a cold stone that is best suited for hot temperatures but in the winter, the floors can get cold if the floor is made of travertine tiles.
  • Reaction: Travertine tiles react weakly to acids and this is the reason why this stone cannot be used as a kitchen top in your house

Why should you not consider cleaning the floors by yourselves?

Travertine tiled floors are very sensitive to a lot of materials. This means that if any liquid falls on these tiles, they will leave a stain or will tend to etch. Removing these stains needs to be done in a very careful manner. Another point to keep in mind is that travertine does not react well with acids. It can leave behind a dull look on the tiles. To ensure a complete restoration to how it looked before the stains and etching, it is best to consider bringing in professional help. 

Services offered by professionals:

Professional travertine cleaning companies offer several services like:

  • Refinishing 
  • Removal of Lippage
  • Polishing
  • Deep cleaning
  • Enhancing the color of the tiles
  • Stain removal
  • Repairs and many more


Cleaning travertine is best done by professionals. You can find these services online by just googling “travertine cleaning and repair”. You will get a lot of o services online. It is best to go through their websites and identify the services offered by them and choose the professionals based on the reviews they have online.