Time to refresh your Kitchen Design this festive season

We have the age-old tradition of revamping our entire house and cleaning it thoroughly during the festival of Diwali. This time, it is no different. But we suggest why don’t you give the main section of your house, that is your kitchen, a new look this Diwali? Well, there are certain new kitchen designs that you would definitely like to install in your house and enjoy your cooking even more. Want some references? Well, then, read on.

  • Modular kitchen is trending – It is natural to wish for more convenience and efficiency when you revamp your home. Even when it is adapting new kitchen designs, you want something that makes your work quicker and easier. That is where the modular kitchen comes into position. Such kitchens are trending as they make moving and working even the smallest kitchen space pretty easier. This is very convenient for Indian-styled homes. So, you can adapt a modular kitchen that has lots of drawers, cabinets and built-in shelves that make placing and arranging the kitchen items easier. Then you have foldable cooktops and countertops that adjust even the smallest kitchen spaces.
  • Try the Victorian kitchen design – One of the new kitchen designs that we would suggest you try if you have a huge space is a classical, Victorian kitchen design. This is a fabulously luxurious way of enjoying your cooking and meal times in your kitchen. Especially if you are entertaining a lot, this kitchen design is definitely for you. In such Victorian kitchen designs, you have huge wooden kitchen cabinets and open shelves. Apart from these, there is a large dining area in your kitchen and grand windows which let in a lot of sunlight in it. Most Victorian kitchens are white or light pastel in the shade for the colour scheme. 
  • An open kitchen design – Small condos or compact apartments in India have open kitchen settings. In such types of kitchens, you have your cooking space either attached to your living room or the corridor area. Such kitchens are also very compact, and you can opt for the minimalist concept in these areas. This Diwali, you can try installing some foldable countertops and built-in drawers and shelves in such a kitchen and add a new decor theme to this area to give it a refreshed look.

Just paint the old kitchen new – Say, if you are pretty happy with your old kitchen and don’t want to adopt the new kitchen designs, then there is a solution for you as well. You can just revamp or redo the older culinary space and enjoy a refreshing look in your home this Diwali. In such a case, you can change the paint on the cabinets and the kitchen walls or simply opt for printed wallpapers. Then there are wall stickers that look very trendy and are on a budget. You can add some green factors to your kitchen and make it look trendy and eco-friendly. Even changing your dining set is a great idea to give your kitchen on your look.