The Top Things that Draw People to Virgin Gorda, Where Many Things are Exciting and Endless

The third-largest British Virgin Island, Virgin Gorda, is popular for its picturesque beauty in its unique beaches, mountains and historical structures.  While it only occupies an area of eight square miles, both the residents and vacationers will stay intrigued by its unique geography and every inch of its attractions. If you are considering moving to Virgin Gorda, the island hosts a myriad of attractions. Here is a look at the top things to do on the islands.

Soak in the Baths

The Baths are among the highly-sorted destinations in Virgin Gorda. This is an expansive beach speckled by enormous granite boulders that make natural tunnels and pools. These Baths are formed by magma cooling and rising into thousands of substantial granite boulders. Visit The Baths for a roller-coaster day of unwinding, swimming, rock climbing or the best photography.

Enjoy the Best Beaches

The beautiful, white and sandy beaches like Savannah Bay or Spring Bay are one of the top reasons to move to Virgin Gorda. With most tourists and residents gravitating around the Baths, beaches are usually quiet and delightful for beachgoers. Even better, the beaches are public so that you can explore them for free and up to your heart’s content. The southern coast features emblematic granite beaches, while the northern coast boasts of pristine white sand beaches. Regardless of your location, these iconic beaches and crystal-clear waters are perfect for swimming and sunbathing.

Experience Thrilling and Endless Watersports

If you love thrilling water sports, there is no shortage of watersports in Virgin Gorda. The crystal clear and calm waters surrounding the island offer the perfect environment for kayaking, snorkelling and surfing. Many waterfront companies are providing kayak tours, leisurely cruise lessons and rental equipment for these water activities.

Dine In the Delightful Restaurants

Virgin Gorda will delight you with its plethora of restaurants. From local cafes and beach bars to fine dining options, you will have a diverse menu on this paradisiacal island. The Asian, Dominican and Caribbean flavours heavily inspire the local cuisine.  Some of the local dishes to try out include Callaloo Soup, Fish and Fungi and Roti. Most of these restaurants combine their culinary mastery with fantastic views.

Go Scuba Diving at the Dog Islands

Located on the northwest coast of Virgin Gorda, the islands offer unique flora and fauna, hosting lots of marine animals and birds. Its name originated from the barking sounds emerging from the shores, which turned to come from monk seals, not dogs. Unfortunately, the monk seals were later hunted to extinction. Divers will love some of the best snorkelling, diving and marine species in Virgin Gorda.

Move to Virgin Gorda with Christie’s BVI Residential Agent

Whether you are looking to go for a vacation or buy a home, Virgin Gorda is a great destination. The islands provide scenic beaches, endless watersports, leisurely hikes, day excursions, beautiful restaurants and more. It’s no surprise that Virgin Gorda’s real estate market features luxurious properties and competitive buyers. If you are eager to look out for homes for sale in Virgin Gorda, reach out to Christie’s BVI Residential real estate agent to get the services of a professional agent. Contact them today for expert guidance in buying your dream home.