The perfect sideboard for your living room

Sideboard: how to choose the right one for your home? This is the question we want to answer below because we often forget the importance of this piece of furniture that can give your living area a completely different look. Let’s start from the assumption, the sideboard is an indispensable piece of furniture in the living room or dining room, but choosing it is not always easy: there are so many models and types available, and finding the right one, which in addition to being roomy, also adapts to the decor of the room, it is not always easy. That’s why we want to dispense some advice below, even if we strongly suggest that you consider the design sideboards produced by Pacini & Cappellini.

The first essential rule is that the sideboard must be spacious. Whether you prefer a low sideboard or a high sideboard, with more doors and perhaps with a display case, or a shabby chic sideboard or a modern sideboard, the biggest feature to take into account is always the same: the sideboard must be roomy.

Its main purpose is in fact to contain crockery and plates and cutlery, or any other object that cannot be placed in the kitchen or living room. Having said that, let’s move on to the types of sideboard that exist so you can choose a model that suits your home decor without making a mistake. For example, there is the low sideboard, which is the perfect model for those with modern furnishings. In wood, with simple and essential lines, minimal chic, a low sideboard is a modern and roomy piece of furniture, perfect to be placed wherever it is most convenient for you, in the kitchen, living room or sitting room. And yet there is the shabby chic sideboard: it represents the ideal choice for those who have a house furnished in this style. White furniture, in pickled wood, light colors for fabrics and curtains… what could be better than a sideboard with glass display cases to furnish a shabby chic living room?

Do not overlook the Arte Povera sideboard, which is suitable both for classic furnishings and, as a breaking element, for modern furnishings. In natural wood, a poor art sideboard will give a touch of class to your environment, whatever the style of furniture you have chosen. Another model not to be underestimated w the white sideboard. We can only define it as perfect in a modern decor or in a shabby chic decor, alongside furniture with simple or retro lines, or as a touch of style in a decor with very squared and minimalist lines. At this point, all you have to do is choose the one that suits you best.