Reno Renovations: 5 Tips to Help You Pick Out the Best Pendant Lights for Every Space and Budget

While its flashier cousin, Las Vegas, can sometimes eclipse it, Reno is a vibrant, exciting town with much to offer. Buying a home in Reno is an excellent investment that can be made all the more lucrative and rewarding with the right decor, specifically enchanting lighting. And what better way to add elegance and warmth to your home than through pendant lights? Known to make a statement, a pendant light can be the missing piece that ties your entire living space together. Here are five tips you should remember when you go light shopping.

Determine How Much Light You Need

Because of the variety in real estate, homes for sale in Reno vary in size, build, and architectural style. This means your lighting needs will differ from the next homeowner and even from room to room. Therefore, the first step to finding the perfect pendant lights is determining your needed light. Consider the amount of natural light coming into every room, how often and when you use the room, and how many fixtures, if any, are already present. A pendant that needs to provide task lighting or the main or only lighting in a room will be bigger than a decorative pendant.   

Study the Style of the Room

Next, consider each room’s current décor and style. Pendant lights are often statement pieces, meaning they can take over a room and overwhelm your other décor elements if you’re not deliberate. Consider the colour scheme and style – Luxe bohemian, industrialist, modern minimalist, traditional, etc. – and the other fixtures in the room. You want your pendant to work with, not against your décor.

Consider Placement

There are classic spots where a pendant light would be right at home, such as over a dining table, above a bed, at the centre of a living room, or over a kitchen island. However, you must consider placement so your light never blocks traffic or obscures your view. You don’t want to bump your head into the light every time you pass close to it or have it blocking your view of the TV. So find a place for it that is central to a room and not too high or too low.

Learn the Different Options Available

Once you know what colour and shape of pendant light you need for your décor and where to put it, it is time to consider your options. A multi-light pendant is an excellent option for a large room that requires a lot of light, such as a dining or living room. Shade pendants make perfect task lighting and are popular with minimalists because of their simple but elegant designs. Other options include globe and linear pendants; your choice comes down to taste.  

Explore Homes for Sale in Reno with Patty DuHamel

Picking out your home’s lighting and other décor are exciting first steps to settling into your new house. However, they are not the most important. If you are still in the market for a new home, the best decision you can make is to hire Reno real estate expert Patty DuHamel to guide you through the home-buying process. Call Patty today to explore exclusive listings and discuss your needs.