Everything To Know About Interlock Pavers

Interlock pavers, also known as interlocking patio and walkways are a type of paving material, made of concrete or cement. They are connected by a mixture of bedding sand, pavers, joint sand, and edge restraint.

Interlocking pavers are strong and durable. They are key elements in designing functional and visually appealing outdoor spaces. Whether you are planning a patio, a garden pathway, or a driveway, understanding the basics of interlocking and walkway construction can help you create beautiful surfaces to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property.

Interlock Paver’s Durability

Interlock pavers are extremely durable and can last up to 40+ years if maintained properly. Most manufacturers offer similar sizes and designs, differing mostly by quality.

You will come across interlock pavers with variable thicknesses. These products are installed depending on the location. It is important to choose the right thickness to ensure the prolonged durability of the surface.

For example, 80mm thickness is recommended for heavy traffic areas and 60mm pavers are good for standard foot traffic.

Interlock Paver Features

The good thing about interlocking pavers is that they are easy to install. The interlocking feature of the material makes it easier for contractors to install them without the use of heavy equipment.

It is a versatile paving material that is available in various designs and styles. You can select from a range of color options to match the exterior of your house.

It serves as a better alternative to bricks. From pool decks to patios to driveways, you can use interlock pavers for various outdoor elements of your house.

Choosing The Right Interlock Pavers

Some factors need to be considered before choosing the right interlock pavers. These include:

  • Location: You should choose the pavers depending on the location of installation as some pavers are more suitable for certain areas.
  • Design: Go for the design that compliments the overall appeal of your house.
  • Color: You must also select the right color that will suit your house.

To sum it up, interlocking walkways offer numerous benefits including durability, versatility, and ease of maintenance. By selecting the right paver material, you can create stunning outdoor spaces for your property.