All that you Need to Know About the use of Tree Spades in Alberta 

Tree spading is a typical practice for avoiding the years of upkeep needed with trees and creating a beautiful environment straight away. With the help of this approach, you may remove huge, young, or smaller trees and move them to another location. Global manufacturers produced tree spades for sale in Alberta to be used for tree transplantation.

There was an estimated market size of US$ 596.8 million for tree spades. The total income is anticipated to reach roughly US$ 746.4 Mn in 2021 and to increase at a 3.8% annual rate from 2022 to 2027. Throughout the green sector, tree spades are employed in various ways. Large, field-grown trees are lifted out of the ground by commercial nurseries using tree spades, and the root ball is then wrapped in burlap or B&B process for retail sale or small-space storage. Arborists and landscaping organizations use spades to plant huge bushes that have been transferred from another location in the landscape or produced in nurseries. Landscape professionals use a tree spade to excavate and transplant large numbers of trees in a specific area to create an “instant landscape.”

What is a Tree Spade? 

A tree spade is a specialized machine that automates transplanting huge plants since it would be too hard to do it by hand using regular spades, wagons, and other tools. These consist of substantial shrubs and modest trim trees. By giving mechanical power to what was previously only a human task, tree spades do what tractors, combine harvesters, and other heavy equipments do for agriculture and construction. In the tree nursery business and landscaping industry, tree spades are frequently used to boost production rates and for tree removal and transplantation.

How does a Tree Spade Work? 

A tree spade is the most excellent equipment for removing or moving a massive tree because of the force required to dig up trees. An excavator is employed in construction for similar activities as may be accomplished by a tree spade.

The vast machine comprises three to four blade-like pieces that come together at the bottom and expand upward. These components may be opened to accommodate trees of various sizes and can be closed around the region to remove the tree and its roots. The device resembles a bucket with a sharp tip meeting it towards the bottom. When taking out and planting trees, the base point is helpful.

When moving trees a short distance, tree spade machines are frequently mounted to tractors or loaders or even on the back of a truck for longer distances. Depending on several variables, such as soil conditions, landscaping, and tree removal, businesses can select from a broad range of tree spade designs. Curved or straight blades with variable diameters for the diameter and depth of the root ball, as well as a different cone angle, are only two of the several styles of tree spades.

Why is Tree Spades Important in Alberta? 

Are you looking for tree spades for sale in Alberta? When removing and placing trees in a specific area, tree spades decrease labor costs and save time. Manual tree removal is more complex than just hand-digging into the ground and pulling out the tree. This is due to the tree’s extensive, deeply ingrained root system. Being careful to pull all the roots out of a tree before removing it is crucial. This will assist in avoiding any regrowth. This will help you avoid any problems the sources could create for what will be planted in the tree’s place.

A tree spade may remove the tree while leaving the root ball in place. When moving trees, it’s crucial to keep the root ball intact. To maintain the tree healthy until it can be transplanted someplace else, tree spades are essential to the nursery business. They make sure that all root systems are removed.