8 tips for maintaining leather and fabric furniture

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Whenever we want to clean something in the house, we just take a scrub, dunk it in soap and scrub the surface till it is squeaky clean. Unfortunately, this is not the case with every item or surface in your home. You need to be careful about how you are taking care of the things you own in order to ensure that they last you for a long period of time. This can only happen when you know exactly how to take care of them, and the kind of cleaners you like need to take care of your fabric sofa.

What items do you need to take care of fabric sofas, like a leather sofa?

You need to understand that leather sofas are ultimately made of a special fabric that is not generally used otherwise in our daily lives. You can understand it like this- we have different types of detergents for different kinds of clothes. That is how we take care of our clothes on a daily basis. Similarly, a different fabric needs a different kind of care.

You do not need a whole lot to take care of your leather sofa. You just need to get a baby shampoo, a microfiber cloth, and some cleaning wipes (alcohol-free) too. However, when in a fix, you can use a very mild, fragrance-free soap as well. However, that is not always advisable.

If you want to know how to take care of your leather sofa the right way, here are 8 tips for you:

  • Water kills: A tad bit dramatic, but water can really ruin the quality of your leather sofa. This is why, if you ever have a spill on it, you need to clean it up immediately. The technique of letting it dry will damage the look of your brand new fancy sofa and will definitely leave a watermark. You just need to soak up the water as much as you can, and you need to do a good job for it as well.
  • Conditions: You cannot have your leather sofa in direct sunlight at any cost. This will actually melt and move the fabric on the sofa. This will leave the sofa looking very strange, and the smooth look you actually got the couch for will be ruined.
  • Selective cleaners: You cannot have any ammonia or alkaline solutions in your cleaning products, as that is the best way to kill the leather fabric. You just have to buy a leather cleaning solution. They are very common to find, and you will save yourself from a lot of trouble. Even mild soap can be damaging because that needs to be diluted before you use it.
  • Invest in a good conditioner: Much like our hair and clothes, even the leather sofas you buy online need conditioning over time. While you can get this done professionally, you can do this on your own as well. Since India has a hot and humid climate, this makes it more difficult for leather products to survive in these extreme temperatures for a long time. The only solution is to condition the fabric as much as you can. It is important the conditioner penetrates the fibers of the couch and does not leave a lot of residues. This can only be done if the product you are using does not have any petroleum jelly in it.
  • Stretch it back: It is absolutely true that your leather couch will have bends and folds in it over time. This will happen in a few years only. Even then, you need to know how to maintain your fabric. The only quick solution to this stretching is using a hair dryer. You need to stretch the fabric into the place you want it to be but not too much. Just place it correctly. Once the heated area has cooled, it will go back to its original condition.
  • Polish it right: You can get all the cleaning solutions and polishes you want, but you need to apply it the right way. It needs to be polished just like you polish a shoe. You need to take a dry microfiber cloth and polish the couch. It needs to be dry, and it needs to be done without leaving streaks. This is why we use a microfiber cloth.
  • Scratch it away: You are bound to get scratches on the leather sofa after some time. It is the very nature of the fabric. You can easily just rub the scratched area and allow the natural oils of the fabric to seal itself again. However, you have to apply some heat, like with the hair dryer, if the scratch has left a dent in the skin of the sofa.
  • Professionals are always right: As soon as you purchase a leather sofa online, you will be given a lot of tips on how to take care of the sofa properly. More importantly, you need to buy your sofa from the right place to ensure that you are able to take it to professionals if the need arises.


It is very important that you take care of that extremely luxurious and fancy sofa that you have purchased for yourself. You deserve a piece of luxury to live. However, if you want your leather sofas to always look brand new, you must take care of it. It is just a matter of habit. If you want such a beautiful item in your home, you will find a way to take care of it, which is not that difficult.