5 Health Risks Rodent Bring to a Business and How to Prevent an Infestation

Beyond damaging your business reputation and causing property and stock damage, rodents can also risk the health and safety of you and your employees and customers. Rodents carry parasites that, in addition to the rodents themselves, are known to transmit over 35 diseases. Identifying these health risks is key to protecting those visiting or working at your business. Consequently, here is a look at five health problems mice and rats can cause and how to avoid them.

Diseases Caused or Spread by Rodents

Without regular commercial pest control services, rodents can take over your business. Rats and mice spread diseases through bites or indirectly by transferring germs and parasites through blood, urine, saliva, and their bodies. The most common disease spread this way is Salmonella and other forms of food poisoning. If rodents enter your pantry or kitchen, they can contaminate your food, leading to intestinal disorders, nausea, and diarrhea. 

The Hantavirus is another serious illness spread by rodents. Between 1993 and 1994, this disease led to 50 fatalities in the United States. It is usually spread when people come into contact with rodents’ urine, feces, and bodily fluids. If rats and mice infest your business, these fluids can create a health hazard and expose you to the Hantavirus.

Other diseases you should know about include rat-bite fever, leptospirosis, and Hepatitis E. Rat-bite fever is transmitted through biting. Meanwhile, leptospirosis spreads through water or soil contaminated by the urine of infected animals, including rodents.

Keeping Rats and Mice Out of Your Business

These and other diseases spread by rodents are reason enough to keep rodents out of your business. In the event of an outbreak, you could lose your operating license, customers, and employees. Maintaining proper sanitation is the best way to eliminate or prevent rodent infestation. The key is to create a clean and tidy environment where rodents cannot survive.

Maintaining proper sanitation involves clearing bushes, cutting long grass, and decluttering disorganized areas. Wipe down surfaces and equipment regularly to prevent debris and moisture buildup, which could encourage nesting. In storage areas, place everything neatly on a shelf and avoid laying items on the floor, especially in corners.

Your employees are also key to maintaining clean spaces in your work area. Ensure everyone keeps their breakrooms organized and clean, promptly disposing of trash and food debris. Also, empty trash cans regularly and clean drains and gutters around the business. As you clean, keep a close eye on food service areas, loading docks, landscaping, breakrooms, and bathrooms. 

Hire Professional Pest-Control Experts

Rodent infestations can cause a lot of damage to your business. In addition to spreading disease-causing pathogens, they can damage your property and stock. Rats and mice chew through wires, walls, and other materials and can leave a trail of destruction everywhere, compromising the structural integrity of your business premises. And while DIY prevention methods can help, nothing can offer the protection of professional pest control. If you have or suspect you may have a rodent problem, contact the trained experts at Anti-Pest to discuss possible solutions.