Why It’s Important to Choose a Licenced Melbourne Electrician

Repairing electrical work and installing new appliances around the home simply aren’t tasks that should be undertaken through the DIY route. Enlisting the services of a licensed Melbourne electrician is the best way to guarantee high-quality electrical work as well as the safety of all occupants of the home. This article will go over some of the biggest reasons why it’s important to choose a licensed electrician to complete electrical work in your home.


The most important reason to hire a licensed Melbourne electrician to complete electrical work is safety. Handling your home’s electrical work and wiring is an extremely dangerous task and should be avoided entirely if you’re not a qualified electrician yourself. The risk of electric shock or even death due to attempting to fix faulty wiring or installing a new appliance simply isn’t worth it. A licensed electrician will have the knowledge and experience to carry out the work safely and professionally.


Another important reason to choose a licensed Melbourne electrician to complete electrical work in your home is compliance with Australian electrical safety standards. All electrical work must comply with Australian Standards. A licensed electrician must be able to produce a certificate of compliance for electrical work after completing a job. Severe fines of up to $550,000 can apply if an electrician fails to provide a compliance certificate, and they can even have their electrical licensing revoked. Hiring a licensed electrician also means you’ll have a professional on site who is up to date with the latest regulatory and compliance standards. 


Faulty wiring in homes can cause flickering or dimmed lights as well as noticeable buzzing and crackling sounds. Bad wiring is often the result of electricians rushing their work or simply not knowing or understanding basic electrical theory. A licensed Melbourne electrician can inspect the wiring of your home and get it up to standard when needed. They’ll have the skills and training to carry out electrical work to a high standard if you need new wiring or appliances fitted for your home.

H2: Insurance

A licensed Melbourne electrician will likely have insurance cover. This cover not only protects the electrician if they’re injured while working on your home, but it will also protect you in the event that something goes wrong after the electrical work is performed. You should never hire an electrician that isn’t covered by some form of public liability insurance, even if they’re licensed. An uninsured electrician won’t be protected if they accidentally damage your property or if they have an accident on site. This can cause you a lot of stress in the form of chasing the electrician for money to repair the damage they caused.


A licensed Melbourne electrician will usually offer a warranty or guarantee on their work. Even if the electrician completes their work to a high standard and follows processes correctly, sometimes things can go wrong due to external factors or the age of the home. A warranty or guarantee on electrical work means that you won’t be charged extra in the event of the electrician needing to return to reinspect or repair previously rendered electrical services.