Why Adirondack Chairs are the Perfect Addition to Your Patio

You’ve just moved into your new home, and you’re excited to add some furniture to your patio. You start thinking about all the options available, from rocking chairs to deck furniture to Adirondack chairs but aren’t sure which ones are best for your patio and why. To help you find the perfect addition to your patio, consider these reasons why Adirondack chairs are the ideal addition to your patio.

What Are Adirondack Chairs?

Adirondack chairs and other forms of patio furniture provide a great place for an afternoon BBQ or a quiet place to read a book on those long, warm summer days. Their heavy and sturdy nature means that they can sit around all year round and withstand the changeable weather that you might find in more tempestuous climbs. You can even sit on one in December when it’s cold outside and pretend it’s summer again! Whether you’re looking for one chair or several sets, consider some of these reasons why buying Adirondack chairs is something you shouldn’t put off any longer.

The Origins of the Adirondack Chair

The origins of this amazing furniture design is important because it gives us an insight into how the design is best utilised and the philosophy behind it. The Adirondack chair began as a project by Thomas Lee, who lived in the town of Westport New York. He decided he would build himself a chair that would be able to withstand weather conditions that the mountains region may face. Skip ahead a few years and we have the designs that we know and love today.

Benefits of Having One Around

If you’re a fan of spending time outdoors, it’s important to keep in mind that quality furniture is key when it comes to enhancing your experience. Because it provides much-needed relaxation, comfort and serenity, there’s nothing more enticing than a patio chair or lounger. However, if you want your outdoor furniture to deliver on all fronts, you need to invest in quality pieces such as Adirondack chairs. This goes great in your garden, whether you are in Chester and Cheshire or elsewhere.

What Do They Look Like?

First, make sure you’re buying an authentic Adirondack chair. There are a number of imitations on the market that look similar but aren’t made with quality materials or crafted with attention to detail. There’s a reason you don’t see them at high-end stores. They aren’t built to last. Look for chairs made from northern white cedar, rock maple or teak, all of which hold up well over time.

Wooden Adirondack

These take some effort to maintain. Giving your timber furniture a coat of finish helps prolong its life and adds protection to it, so it stays looking new for years to come. In addition, adding a finish enhances any timber grain and brings out all of its natural colours. You can choose from oil-based or water-based finishes and apply them in either satin or gloss to create a variety of looks on your furniture. Making sure you know how to apply your coat of finish is important when owning timber furniture, so take time to read our guide on how to do just that!

Plastic Adirondack

If you want a chair that doesn’t require a great amount of maintenance. It’s true that plastic furniture can be a bit more expensive than its wooden cousins, but it will save you money in other ways. Unlike wooden chairs, recycled plastic furniture is virtually maintenance-free. Unlike wood, plastic doesn’t rot or splinter and it doesn’t require wood stains or sealants; over time, sun exposure will gradually darken it—but that gives it a rustic aesthetic. Overall, these benefits translate into easy care and low maintenance.