How To Pick An Ideal Recliner?

One perfect answer to make the end of a tough day relaxing and comforting is a recliner. Shopping for a recliner demands a lot of energy and time. Getting to know every product that suits your needs and budget is itself an assignment. More than that, choosing a perfect recliner is another tedious task.

To make your work easier, we have sorted out all the essentials to be considered to pick a perfect recliner. Scroll through before you step out to invest in a recliner.

How To Pick A Perfect Recliner?

Ending up in a recliner that suits all your needs is a tedious task. Here are the things that you need to look up in a recliner.

1.  Size & Weight Capacity

Recliner chair size should be a major consideration before you choose one from the sea of products. You should take into account your body measurements before buying one. For example, a small recliner will not fit a tall person and it will ultimately cause back aches. The investment will be at a loss if the recliner does not fit you.

Recliners should be heavy enough to hold your weight or anyone in the household. It is advisable to sit in a recliner chair and check if you are comfortable enough and if the recliner is body-fit. There should be a minimum of an inch between your body and the sides of a recliner.

2.  Space

The recliner should be of a size that fits in the space you are looking to place it. Also, the room should be spacious enough for it to move backward and forwards. Placing a recliner should not cause congestion in the entire space.

3.  Durability

Check for the quality of the recliner before you own it. The toughness of the materials used in the making of the recliner explains the durability of your chair. Durability is the main factor because it decides the longevity of your fixture.

4.  Functionality

The purpose of owning a recliner should be made clear before you sort out the list. It should be functional enough and be worth the money you invest in. There are variants for you to choose from based on the functionality of a recliner,

  • Standard recliners – Features include a movable back and a reclinable footrest only. These are one of the basic options available. The back-and-forth movement is aided by a lever
  • Power recliners – Motor-powered recliners that use a button to activate their functions. Some of the variants use electricity to function
  • Wall hugging recliners – If you are looking for a recliner that should be compact enough for your small space, wall savers are a good option

5.  Features

Advancements in technology have helped manufacturers to make upgrades to their products. They have come up with various additional features to add more comfort. You can keep the ancillaries in mind before choosing one. A few of the advanced techniques include

  • Massager- A recliner that is equipped with a massager offers you more comfort and relaxation. Massagers exert pressure in certain areas to give you relaxation
  • Holders- Few recliners come with the option of cupholders and also separate compartments to hold your mobile phones
  • USB portal- USB charging portals are also available in a few variants. If you want one, you can end up with a variant

6.  Style

Recliner chairs should go in accordance with the entire style of the room. One that is opposite to the decor will lower the look of the whole space.

7.  Upholstery

Patterns and the quality of upholstery also matter. A fabric or leather should be of utmost quality and should be smooth enough to be comfortable when seated. It should withstand wear and tear. Upholstery should also suit the style and decor of the room.

Things To Consider When Picking A Recliner

  • If you have any pets around in your home, consider buying a recliner that is pet-friendly. The upholstery and other features are altered a little for a pet-friendly recliner
  • Take note of the electricity consumption if you are looking to buy a power recliner. Some recliners may hold motors that require high voltage
  • Warranty should be noted. Also, make sure to note the warranty rules for all the components of a recliner
  • After-sales services are also to be kept in mind when investing in a recliner


Consider all the requisites before you end up with a recliner. Everything you wish for in a recliner can be brought home if you keep all the prerequisites in mind. You can also head out to to get amazing product recommendations. Now that everything is handy and you possess enough knowledge on how to pick a perfect recliner, confidently step out and purchase one.