How to Control Termites at Home

There are a few things you can do to get rid of termites around your house. There are many products that claim to destroy termites completely, but they often fail to do so. Instead, you can try some natural remedies. These include Diatomaceous earth, Vinegar, Boric acid, and Baiting systems. If you have a problem with termites, these methods may be right for you. Just remember that these methods are effective only if they are used properly.

Diatomaceous earth

When a family discovers that their house is infested with termites, the first step they should take is to apply diatomaceous earth to the affected area. The diatomaceous earth should be applied at least two inches deep, and you can place it anywhere where the termites may have access to. This material also tends to shift and move between seasons, making it harder for termite-infested wood to maintain strength. A standard amount of diatomaceous earth should cover an area of around thirteen square feet.


Although using vinegar to control termites at home may sound like a good idea, it has its limitations. The acid content of vinegar is not enough to kill termites, and it has to be applied in a concentrated form. It also has to be purchased in large quantities if the infestation is widespread. If you are concerned that you might be using vinegar to kill termites at home, you should try apple cider vinegar instead. It is also known to improve internal health.

Boric acid

If you are experiencing an infestation of termites in your home, you may be wondering if boric acid is the best treatment option. This chemical is widely used for other pest control purposes. Boric acid is a common insecticide that kills over 75 different types of pest. It doesn’t produce odours or residues when applied, making it a safe option for any homeowner. In addition, boric acid spray for termites is non-toxic and safe for children and pets. It is also guaranteed to kill fleas and other pests, making it a great option for those with aggressive pest problems. This product is also designed for indoor and outdoor use, although some sellers recommend only outdoor use.

Baiting systems

Baiting systems for controlling termites at home are effective means of reducing the number of the creatures. Baits are made of edible materials that termites consume and share with other termites, reducing their population. Some systems are effective enough to eradicate entire termite colonies. Before using a termite baiting system, it is important to know about the habits of the termites and the locations where they may hide.

Cleaning out gutters

Clogged gutters provide the perfect breeding ground for termites and other pests. As water drips from your exterior walls, the moisture collects near the foundation, attracting moisture pests such as termites. Cleaning out gutters is a simple way to protect your home from these pests. However, you should be sure to keep your gutters clean to prevent termites. Below are a few tips to keep gutters clean.


Nematodes are natural, effective termite control reston va. The nematodes are able to eat more than 200 types of pest insects from soil. They can be applied anytime during the year and are best when soil temperatures are above 52 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Generally, these worms can be applied to a wide area, in an even layer, on the surface of the soil.

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