Can an overseas Pakistani buy a plot in New Metro City Gujar Khan?


New Metro City Gujar Khan is a future modern residential development. The builders will shortly begin the construction of this mega housing project in the city’s heart. New Metro City Gujar Khan will be the epitome of luxury and elegance, with cutting-edge architecture in a spectacular position at a reasonable price. It is a luxurious residential complex with a variety of one-of-a-kind amenities.

In addition, the community strives to satisfy all investors’ needs and will give its inhabitants a new quality of life with exclusive amenities and a host of extravagances.

It will be a distinctive and magnificent residential development in Gujar Khan and provide countless prospects for profitable purchases and lavish residences. Furthermore, this housing development will be a major attraction for overseas investors due to its incredible amenities.


BSM Developers, a respectable and quite renowned firm in Pakistan’s real estate business, is the company behind the New Metro City Gujar Khan venture. Malik Riaz’s grandson has started a new home development called The New Metro City Gujar khan.

In addition, it will be a cutting-edge housing estate with top-notch amenities.  In particular, this new development will include the most up-to-date modern comforts, spacious roadways, and a healthy lifestyle setting. Also, the developers’ primary concern is to attract national investors and overseas clients by delivering spectacular amenities.


The Tehsil Municipal Administration is in the process of approving the NOC of this society. Nevertheless, the administration has already presented the required paperwork and asked the responsible authorities for permission.

As a result, the developers have followed all the guidelines for the NOC and will be awarded successfully.  Also, this society will likely receive approval quickly after the TMA finalises the necessary vetting process.

As a result, the NOC determines the entire area of property acquisition the proprietors claim, legalising the residential society for investments. So if you are an overseas Pakistani and wanted to invest in Pakistan then this project is for you because it is legal and completely secure to invest in.


Being the most economical housing project in Gujar Khan, accessibility is one of this society’s key characteristics. Moreover, connectivity to all key Gujar Khan destinations is quick and straightforward.

In addition, the main GT road is the position of this society. Nevertheless, several additional entrance points will give people access to the community. Moreover, it is swiftly and readily reachable from several Gujar Khan neighbourhoods and adjacent cities, including Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Project Plan

All potential occupants of this residential development will have access to great residential conveniences. Additionally, several housing properties with top-notch features will be obtainable here.

Additionally, all necessary and cutting-edge resources will be available before anyone makes a long-term investment. Preferably, this housing initiative is yet in its infancy phase. Prices, therefore, are affordable for the majority of individuals.

Pocket-Friendly Prices:

New Metro City Gujar Khan is one of the mega housing projects in Pakistan and the developers hired a team of international experts to provide all the modern amenities to its future residents. Still, the developers kept affordable rates so that everyone can fulfill their dream of owning a house.

Key Features

The builders of this beautiful residential development provide its prospective inhabitants with several benefits. Following are some of the features offered by the New Metro City Gujar Khan housing society.

  •         Business Centers
  •         Educational Institutions
  •         Medical Centers
  •         Shopping Malls
  •         Gym
  •         Restaurants
  •         Spa
  •         Availability of all basic needs
  •         Graveyard
  •         Filtration plant
  •         Mosque
  •         Parks
  •         Wide Roads
  •         Eco-Friendly Environment
  •         Superior quality Infrastructure

Booking Procedure

The plot reservation process for this society is straightforward for national and international clients. If you are interested in booking the plot then you have to follow some basic steps.

  • First download the application form from the website and fill the form with full attention.
  • After filling out the form attach a photocopy of the applicant’s CNIC
  • You can deposit money either through check or cash payments.
  • Submit all necessary documents, pay, and get a receipt.

Moreover, to purchase a property in this housing society, the following papers are necessary:

  •         Two images in passport size
  •         NICOP for international clients
  •         The client’s national identity card in two copies
  •         Client’s nominee’s identification card in two copies


BSM Developers is beginning a new residential development in Gujar Khan called New Metro City. The neighbourhood is ideally situated on GT, with the main entrance and multiple minor entries coming from various locations. Providing excellent characteristics and amenities will establish itself as an unprecedented collaboration and distinguish itself from competitors.

The builders want to give Gujar Khan residents and those in the neighbouring districts the finest possible quality of life and economic prospects. Therefore, it will make a wise real estate investment and a wonderful place to stay a comfortable and serene life.