Understanding the Evolution in Real estate: Then vs. Now 

10 years ago a hunt for real estate began at the office of an agent in the local area or simply by driving around the town. At the agent’s office, you would spend a day perusing the pages of active properties listed on the city’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS). After deciding on the properties you are interested in and spending a few days touring every property until you find the perfect one. The search for market data that would allow you to evaluate the price of the property would require longer driving. You are not likely to gather all the data you need to feel comfortable with the fair market price. 

Property searches made online 

Today, the majority of property searches begin with the Internet. A simple search for keywords on Google for a specific location is likely to yield thousands of results. If you find an appealing property on a real estate website, you will typically be able to look at photos online and even visit the property on an interactive tour. Then, you can look at other websites like the county assessor’s office for an idea of the value of the property as well as the amount the current owner of the property paid and then examine the real estate tax and census information, school data, and find out which shops are nearby. All from your home!

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The Business of Real Estate 

Real estate is usually purchased and sold by an authorized real estate agent or directly through the owner. Most of the time, it is purchased and sold by brokerage firms for the real estate industry. (We employ “agent” and “broker” to mean the same individual.) This is because of their real estate expertise and experience, and at a minimum, they can access a database of current properties available for sale. The database of listings of properties was the most efficient method to locate properties.