The Importance of an Interior and Exterior Home Inspection

If you’re considering purchasing a home, it’s important to understand the importance of an interior and exterior home inspection. Not only will it tell you whether the house is safe, but it can also shed light on the condition of hidden systems and problems. A home inspection is not only essential for ensuring that the house is safe, but it can also determine important things. 

To help, here are some information about interior and exterior home inspection and their importance.

Exterior property inspections should focus on the building’s outer structure. The condition of a building’s exterior structure can often give a good indication of its interior. Check the foundation, under-floor areas, masonry, floor framing system, windows, decks, porches, railings, and stairs. These factors can influence the value of a home and should be inspected before purchase.

Interior home inspections should focus on the household systems and components. Poor plumbing and HVAC systems are a liability, so make sure these systems are up to code. The inspector should also check the plumbing fixtures, including faucets, pipes, and water heater tanks. They should also check the attic for signs of water damage and decay. Basements and bathrooms should also be checked for mold, mildew, and water damage.

While minor structural issues may not affect the sale of a home, the inspector’s findings can help the buyer know what to expect when he or she moves it. If the home inspector finds a major problem, they can recommend a good pest control company, or recommend other services if necessary. By doing so, you can ensure your safety and get a good price for your home. This way, you can plan ahead for future issues and avoid any costly surprises.

A thorough interior and exterior home inspection can be beneficial for the seller or buyer in case they find a significant problem after closing. The inspector’s findings can be helpful in negotiating the price or even a counteroffer if necessary. However, if the home inspector does not identify the issues, you are free to withdraw the offer. The inspector’s reports can also be used for further deliberation, figuring out what needs to be repaired and determining the cost.

To avoid being left holding the bag, make sure you get an inspection done before closing on the property. Also, make sure to only work with the best home inspection services company. Hound Dog Home Inspection will provide you with the best home inspection services for reasonable rates.