Interior Design Trends That Are Inspired By TikTok

Being the most popular social media platform in the world means that TikTok has considerable influence on the world of interior design. It only takes a single viral video promoting, say, the aesthetic of disco balls, for millions of users to suddenly find themselves looking for and purchasing the shiny spheres.

The result of this significant influence is that interior designers are now paying close attention to the trending videos and hashtags found on the social media platform, looking to get ahead of the curve by catching bubbling styles before they occur.

To show you just how much reach and influence social media has when it comes to home decor, we’re sharing some of the most popular interior design trends that owe their popularity to TikTok.

Walk-In Pantries

Walk-in closets are no longer held in the same vogue as they once were. Instead, TikTokers are turning to walk-in pantries. These kitchen spaces are riding the wave of cottagecore, with residents celebrating the joy that comes from having an aesthetically pleasing dry store space. These micro-rooms aren’t solely being celebrated for the way they are organised by also for the glassware and wood used to create them.

Log Cabins

Connected to the pantry with its connection to the organic and natural wonder of cottagecore, log cabins are appearing in garden spaces and even replacing sheds. These idyllic spaces offer residents a private and sheltered space within which to enjoy a garden come rain or shine. Additionally, their rustic aesthetic is helping many to embrace biophilic trends and bring their home’s design even closer to nature.

Cabins are also being championed by another type of influencer: the entrepreneur. These online gurus talk highly of having a professional space at home, one that isn’t compromised with distraction. Such working zones can easily be created with a customisable cabin outdoors.


A portmanteau of eclectic and chic, this difficult-to-pronounce word perfectly describes the growing trend of maximalism taking over homes and replacing the long-established aesthetic of minimalism. Conflicting textures and designs are placed next to each to other with residents embracing the overwhelming and bold statement associated with such mixtures.

Often incorporated designs are those from the art deco period, with their intricate embellishments, and floral prints from rustic and exotic styles. Such designs are defined by their complicated and vibrant designs, which eclectichic then seeks to promote by placing them alongside other, different designs.


Greta Gerwig’s hit movie seemed to reach audiences at just the right time and now, propelled by TikTok influencers, Barbie aesthetics are taking over homes around the world. Pink is the defining colour of this trend but there is far more to it than simply a lurid colour scheme.

Flamboyant and decadent materials, such as fur and feather, are being celebrated in a life of luxury. Homes are being styled with saturated colours and tones, while Pop and Mod decor are filling rooms. Some of this success can, of course, be attributed to the success of Grewig’s interpretation of the toy universe. However, it is the influencers online, those that are leading the way with their own Barbiecore designs, that are bringing the fantastic plastic into homes.