Indoor air quality testing: why you need it

It may shock you to know that indoor air quality is much worse than its outdoor counterpart. In certain cases, indoor pollutants can outdo outdoor pollutants by around 100 times. Therefore, if your workplace is one that is susceptible to pollution, then it’s absolutely vital that you receive a thorough indoor analysis!

Here, we will talk about what pollutants your workplace is susceptible to and a few reasons why it definitely needs an assessment:

What pollutants could be in your workplace?

In high-risk workplaces there is always the chance that there are environmental pollutants. This is why world class air testing services are essential to ensuring your location is pollutant-free. If not, your assessor can provide sound advice on how to rid the space of toxins. These toxins can have a nasty effect on you and your team’s respiratory systems, so it’s important to test for the following:

  • Asbestos
  • Nitrogen dioxide
  • Dust mites
  • Pollen
  • Dust particles
  • Radon
  • Mould & mildew
  • Carbon monoxide

When steps are avoided to reduce pollutant levels they can become harmful for any staff and visitors. This is why assessment is essential, and that also covers the following reasons:

  1. Detect for allergies

Australian workplaces often contain chemicals and other pollutants that could cause allergies to flare. This includes both dust and pollen and can be harmful to a team member who is allergic to these irritants. You should always consider your team’s health first before continuing to work in an allergen-reducing workplace. Allergens can be more harmful than people think, and a workplace with high-allergen levels can be especially harmful for particular team members.

  1. To assess radon levels

Radon, unfortunately, is both a colourless and odourless gas. It is a carcinogen and can leak into workplaces through soil if there are high natural gas levels in the terrain surrounding the workplace. Given its sneaky nature, this is one of the most important things for your workplace to test. Given that this is a naturally-occuring gas there are no specifications as to which businesses are susceptible to it, thus making assessment even more important!

  1. Asbestos testing

Any Australian building constructed before the late-1980s can benefit from asbestos testing. After all, it was one of the country’s most popular insulation materials before its adverse health effects were realised. Therefore, this goes for homeowners as well as business owners. If you are worried that your building may contain this harmful mineral then it is imperative that you enlist professionals to safely and efficiently test for the mineral.

  1. Checking for VOCs

Volatile organic compounds are those found in many products used around the home and workplace. They can easily cause headaches and respiratory problems which can be quite unpleasant for the individual. If you have recently moved into a new location or use many different cleaning products then it is important that you conduct a check for VOCs.

  1. To check for mould

Mould carries spores to reproduce. These spores can be detrimental to health, especially if you are allergic to them. Health effects can include blocked nose, sore or irritated skin and eyes as well as wheezing. These are not the kind of symptoms you want an allergic team member subjected to and so it is imperative to assess your company mould levels. Check around the home for VOCs.

So, as you can see, this service is essential for ensuring your company air is pollutant-free. It can make all the difference to team health which, in the end, is the most important thing!