Important Delivery Provisions In A Plant Hire Contract

The delivery provisions put in place on contract plant hire are of the utmost importance. Plant hire is used within construction and engineering projects, large infrastructure projects and other areas where there is a need to for strict controls over schedules and costs. Putting in place an agreement with a plant hire company in the UK will help you to gain maximum control over your schedule and ensure that all deadlines and cost restrictions are met.

Choice of plant hire machinery

Your plant hire company is in the perfect place to offer a wide choice of fleet. The ever-evolving technology and the upgrades included in every new cycle of machinery, ensures that hiring plant instead of purchasing plant is the best way to go to use the latest, most efficient, and productive machinery. Utilising the expertise of your plant hire specialist at the planning stage helps you to choose the right type of equipment for the specific tasks at hand.

Expected delivery dates

There will be different phases of any project that require different machinery and equipment. It is no good to have all the plant, for the entire project, delivered at the very beginning. For one, it will cost you more money, but there is also no room to securely house that amount of machinery and equipment.  With clear delivery dates outlined in the delivery provisions, you have access to a clear journey ahead.

Full maintenance

The delivery provisions should also state that each piece of machinery and equipment that you hire has gone under extensive maintenance (and any repair issues) in between contracts. That way, what you receive on the day of delivery is in tip-top condition. This is a good way to improve performance levels and to ensure consistency across the entire project. The dangers of using plant hire that hasn’t been maintained can lead to lower safety standards.


Once on site, if there are any issues or breakdowns, the provision from a good plant hire company should include a replacement ASAP, minimising disruption on site.The last thing you need when working on a tight deadline is for a machine to have a fault during a task. It can cause an accident and injury in the worst-case, and major disruption in the best-case. With a replacement provision in the plant hire agreement, you can be sure that your project is back up and running as soon as possible with a like-for-like machine.

The planning phase of any project is vital to working out how things will run to the deadlines that are put in place. Plant hire is increasingly more important than ever before, with the right provisions for delivery within a contract plant hire outlining exactly what can be expected and helping the project manager to put in place clear delivery lines as part of the overall planning documents. If you can rely on your plant hire contact to deliver the right type of machinery and equipment, at the right time, everything else will fall into place nicely.