Dynacart’s Exclusive Kitchen Items Under $50 To Cook & Serve Effortlessly

Whenever we think of cooking, the items that come to mind are groceries, a chopping board, knives, and pots and pans. However, there is more to cooking than these basic essential items. Whether you have been cooking for a long or just learning the art and are in love with Indian cuisine, serving them in traditional dishes will be a unique experience. How about cooking them using some other authentic equipment and items to feel like you are cooking Indian food? Want to get the copper-based service bowl that you find in restaurants?

Why not get other such items from Dyncart for less than $50? While these are traditional Indian cooking items, they can also be used for other cuisines and make your kitchen look prim and proper. They will also make your guests take notice of the food you serve because of the ethnic look it offers, and the best part is you can get all these items without making a hole in your pocket.

Cheap Cups & Glasses

Serve your guests traditional masala tea or coffee in pure copper mule mugs. The Item is available for $47.50 and includes four cups and a shot glass. You can also serve mint-flavored lemonade or other fruit juice in these cups for a hot day.

Kitchen Accesories

Irrespective of whether you like Indian masala tea, English Breakfast, Earl Grey, or Chamomile, this wooden 12-rack tea bag organizer is perfect for any kitchen. The box can also be used as a spice box and is priced at $47.90. It is an eco-friendly item and is handcrafted, which makes the piece a unique one.

Affordable Kitchen Utilities

One of the must-have kitchen items is a spoon holder for easy use. This six-claw, 360 degrees rotatable stick on the wall will remove the hassle of finding the ladle, spatula, stirrer, and beater from the utensils container. No more you have to hunt for them while in a hurry to cook since they are all on display, and you can take out the one you need to wish without any trouble. The best part is you can get the kitchen claw hook for $7.15 and in white and black.

Kitchen Appliance

An essential kitchen appliance is a hand-pressed juicer. Often the plastic ones are fragile and break after a few uses, but this heavy-duty aluminum presser can be used to squeeze a fresh lemon or lime and other citrus fruits too. You can buy the product for $24.99 only.

Kitchen Storage Item

Almost every Indian kitchen has a masala box, commonly known as a spice box. It has seven small bowls with four spoons inside a box, all stainless steel. Indians often keep their different spices within this box and use them while cooking. You can keep Indian spices or the spices or herbs you use for cooking in this hand-painted box, which comes at $43.95 only.


Doesn’t the copper bowls look alluring and exquisite in which the food is served in Indian restaurants? Now even you can get a set of two such bowls of six inches each from Dynacart at $28.79. It is a traditional Indian tableware that is handcrafted, and the inside is made of stainless steel. It is ideal for not only serving Indian food but other food items too.

Ready For Your Purchase?

Make your kitchen item purchases for less than $50 from Dynacart. Get items that are not only practical but also designed aesthetically. They will add color to your kitchen and not look mundane anymore.