Creative TV Rack Ideas for Children’s Rooms

The Versatile Charm of a Moving TV Unit

Creating an engaging and functional space for children is essential, and when it comes to their rooms, incorporating a TV rack can add an exciting element. A well-designed TV rack not only provides a dedicated space for entertainment but also enhances the overall aesthetics of the room. In this article, creative TV rack ideas for children’s rooms are discussed.

Floating Shelf Display

One innovative TV rack idea is to install a floating shelf display. This design not only saves space but also adds a modern touch to the room. A floating shelf can be mounted on the wall at an appropriate height, ensuring the TV is within the child’s line of sight. Additionally, the shelf can be used to showcase their favorite toys, books, or artwork, creating a personalized and visually appealing display.

Colorful Cubbies

Another fun and functional TV rack idea is to incorporate colorful cubbies. These cubbies can be arranged in a grid pattern, providing individual compartments for storing DVDs, game consoles, and other media devices. To make it more engaging, each cubby can be painted in a different vibrant color. This not only adds visual interest but also encourages organization and tidiness.

Bookcase Integration

For children who love reading, combining a bookcase with the TV rack can be an excellent idea. Design a TV rack that seamlessly integrates with a bookshelf, allowing easy access to books and other reading materials. The shelves can be adjusted to accommodate various sizes of books, and additional compartments can be incorporated to house DVDs or gaming accessories. This design promotes both learning and entertainment in a single space.

Interactive Chalkboard Panel

If you want to add an element of creativity and interactivity to the TV rack, consider incorporating a chalkboard panel. Install a chalkboard on the wall behind the TV and create a frame around it using colorful molding. This allows children to unleash their artistic skills by drawing or writing messages while adding a playful touch to the room. The chalkboard can also serve as a memo board for reminders or to-do lists.

Themed Display Shelves

To make the TV rack more visually appealing, consider incorporating themed display shelves. For example, if your child is interested in space or superheroes, design the shelves to resemble rockets or skyscrapers, respectively. Paint them in vibrant colors and accessorize with themed decorations. This not only adds a fun and personalized touch but also encourages imaginative play and storytelling.

Sliding Barn Door TV Cabinet

For a rustic and versatile TV rack idea, consider using a sliding barn door cabinet. The cabinet can be designed with a hidden compartment for the TV, which remains concealed behind the barn doors when not in use. This design not only adds a touch of farmhouse charm but also allows the TV to be easily accessed or hidden away, depending on the child’s preference.


Designing a creative TV rack for a children’s room can transform the space into an exciting and functional area.