Benefits of an electric tankless water heater


Tankless water heater is quickly becoming an in-demand product for improving the home living experience. This is because of the benefits an electric tankless hot water heater can provide for every household. As for most homeowners trying to cut costs, being mindful of power consumption and reducing the billing costs is the priority. The good thing is that these in-demand tankless water heaters are energy efficient. It only heats the water needed, reducing the wasted energy and heat.

Whether for cooking, showering, or other uses, a tankless water heater will make these everyday activities attainable with the heated water they need. Switching from traditional water heaters to this new electric tankless water heater promises many benefits. Not convinced? Here are some notable advantages of having an electric tankless water heater for your home.

Energy efficient

Compared to traditional water tanked water heater, an electric tankless water heater is way more energy efficient. Conventional water heater tends to experience standby energy loss. This happens when a burner heats the water and is stored in the tank just waiting to be used. And since the thermal energy dissipates when it’s stored in a tank, the heater needs to continuously reheat the water from time to time to keep it heated whether it is being used or not. This process creates a waste of energy and creates higher bill costs.

On the other hand, standby energy loss can be eliminated when using an electric tankless water heater. This water heater only produces the needed amount of heated water. Whenever the tap is turned on, the tap water travels through a pipe inside the unit and is heated by electric heating elements. No water and energy wasted.

Longer life span

The electric tankless water heater has a longer life span. They can last twice longer as conventional ones. Water heater brands also offer a longer warranty for tankless water heaters, up to 20 years. There is no need to pay for repair costs or if something happened with the unit.

Space saver

This is another appealing advantage of a tankless electric water heater, no more huge tanks that need to fit in a closet or no need to design proper storage for it. Instead, only a unit as big as a shoebox or less will be installed. Saving space, time, and energy.


Safety is also a must when it comes to the water heater. Conventional water heaters tend to overheat and sometimes explode. This is due to overheated tanks, continuous heating of stored water, and leakages. With tankless electric water heaters, all of them can be prevented. With no tank to overheat and a heating system that only operates when needed, overheating and explosion are out of your worries.


Tankless electric water heaters are popular in most households for efficiency and benefits. Compared to conventional water heaters, which consume more energy and pose a danger to a family’s safety. Tankless electric water heater is energy-efficient, has longer life span, is a space saver, and is safe for every household.

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