How to Choose the Right Handheld Shower for Your Bathroom

A handheld shower over a traditional shower setup can help you get the most out of your showering experience. A handheld shower unit can be attached to the wall using a rubber hose. These are becoming popular alternatives for environment-conscious people who want to save water without compromising its pressure.

You can consider different types of handheld showers for your bathroom. But with multiple options for handheld showers in the bathroom accessory market, you might be a little confused regarding which one to pick. Jump into this article to learn some valuable tips for picking the best handheld shower for your bathroom.

1.   Consider the Spray Pattern

Every showerhead nozzle has a different way of spraying water. The intensity and pattern of one shower spray will vary greatly from another. Most showers will let you adjust the settings of the spray.

But it’s still crucial for you to consider which is the best type of spray pattern for you. Some basic spray patterns available in the market include rinse, wide, and targeted.

You must consider the purpose of using a handheld shower before picking the right spray pattern. For instance, if you want it to massage sore muscles after an intense workout session, you will need a targeted shower spray. Meanwhile, you will need the rinse or wide shower spray for bathing your pet or kids.

2.   Check the Weight

While buying a handheld shower, it’s crucial for you to consider the weight. A heavy handheld shower is not suitable if you prefer spending a significant amount of time under the shower. After all, you will want a relaxing experience in the shower and not achy hand muscles. Additionally, lightweight hand showers are necessary to ensure that kids, the elderly, and disabled people can also use them with ease.

3.   Look at the Style and Aesthetics

The handheld shower you choose should match the overall aesthetics of your bathroom. The steel handheld showers look aesthetic in every bathroom. They have an unparalleled charm with a sense of sophistication.

Apart from that, you can also choose French gold handheld showers for your bathroom. The warm tone can elevate the appearance of your bathroom instantly. It will help exude a rustic charm inside your bathroom.

If you want a bit of purity in your bathroom, you can go for white handheld showers. White handheld showers mounted on dark walls look extraordinary.

The shape of the handheld showers will also influence their aesthetic value. For instance, you can go with cuboidal showers with a sleek appearance. You will discover a wide variety of traditional handheld showers with a round shower head and a long hose.

4.   Set up a Budget

While looking for handheld showers, you must set a budget to avoid spending too much. You will be tempted to go overboard after browsing through the wide variety of handheld showers in the bathroom. But remember to understand your requirements and the overall aesthetic of your bathroom to make the right choice.

Meanwhile, you should never settle for low-quality materials to save money because they won’t last for a long time, and replacing them eventually will cost you more.

Ending Note

You must also consider whether a handheld shower has effective control for adjusting the water pressure. Finding the best handheld shower will ensure that you can have a relaxing showering experience without consuming too much water. Explore the collection of handheld showers at Kohler today to make your choice.