Guide to hiring a real estate agency for property selling in Montreal

Property selling is equally challenging as property buying. In fact most sellers have an emotional attachment with their property as they have spent years with many fond memories. They want someone who can preserve it just like them. Thus, they are often on the lookout of a deserving buyer. Hiring an agent can help you find a reliable and decent buyer for your property sale.

Before you find a buyer, it is essential to get an agent on board. Other than buying or selling there are many other steps involved in property dealing. Our article mainly covers tips on hiring a real estate agent based on statistiques des prix de vente Montreal that can solve all your concerns of property selling and finding a reliable buyer.

7 Tips to hire a real estate agency for property selling in Montreal:

  1. Seek recommendations:

It is difficult to find a good buyer, but finding real estate agencies is easier through recommendations. Seek referrals in your family or friends as they must have dealt with some agencies for their work.

  1. Contact every referral and compare their expertise:

Contact the recommended real estate agencies in Montreal either through email or phone as per your convenience. Talking to their customer service team will help you understand their services and expertise.

  1. Look for a registered and licensed firm:

Always choose a registered real estate agency that is permitted by the law to practice property dealings. You can check their license and registration date through their website and conduct a background check on them.

  1. Interview a few good real estate agents:

Interview a few good selected real estate agents. Rather going on their flowery words, check if they have some good genuine buyers on their list.

  1. Discuss your expectations and terms with them:

Be clear of your terms and expectations. Discuss your expected resale amount with the agent. They must have a clear picture of your desired value.

  1. Confirm the fee or commission of the real estate agent:

Ask their fee and their terms of payment. Some agents take payment after the deal is closed and some take a minimal advance payment to begin the search work. Considering the statistiques des prix de vente Montreal you can expect some good and decent buyers.

  1. Check their negotiation skills with buyer:

A real estate agent must be a good negotiator too. Let them deal with a few good buyers without making you compromise on your expected property sale value.