Benefits & Downsides of Motorized Curtains

There are many benefits of choosing motorized curtains for your home. However, there are a few drawbacks too. It is very important to know about those pros and cons before opting for such window treatments. To help you make the right decision, we’ve gathered detailed information concerning Motorized curtains. So, let’s get started.


  • Safer Option For Kids & Pets

Many houses contain horizontal or vertical blinds that usually come with cords or strings. But did you know how these blind strings can cause harm to your pets and children? Yes, they can pose a safety risk to them. Pets while jumping and children while playing near the window might get entangled in the loops of the blind cords.

Fortunately, with motorized curtains, you won’t have to face such issues as they do not require strings or blind cords. As everything can be controlled remotely, you can welcome to a safer home!

  • Complete Control over Privacy & Lighting

Thanks to motorized curtains that have made it possible to have full control over the light entering inside your room. You can schedule their timings. That means they will automatically remain close during the day and open during the night. This could be the best solution to save energy during summers, keeping your indoor environment cool.

  • Help You Save Your Energy Bills

Unlike other window solutions, motorized curtains may cost you more. However, they can benefit you later. This is because automated window coverings include pieces of technology such as solar panels, motors, or extras to automate them to a remote or your smartphone. But keep in mind that though motorized curtains do cost more upfront, they could be beneficial in the long run by reducing your energy bills.

Potential Downsides

No matter what the product is, there are always going to be both benefits and drawbacks. The same is the case with motorized curtains. Read below to know about the potential downsides of these window coverings so that can take a better decision.

  • Needs Electricity To Function

One downside to having motorized curtains is that they can’t be operated without electricity, solar energy, or battery power. So, if your home faces frequent power outages, you can’t opt for these window coverings. Many motorized curtains do have solar power and battery backup option, which means they can be operated without electricity. However, relying on technology means you will have to face technical issues a result of which your system loses power. Therefore, it is necessary to get in touch with window treatment professionals, to help you choose the best option as per your needs and preferences.

  • Potential Technological Difficulties

When you are adding technology to anything, there is always a chance of technical issues occurring. So, you may also have to face technical issues with your motorized curtains. For example, sometimes these window coverings can’t connect with your Smarthome system due to slow internet speed. Or, the motor can’t function properly and need proper repair. So, this is also a big issue that can be problematic for you!

Although motorize curtains have some downsides, keep in mind that high-quality window coverings can help significantly reduce the chances of these drawbacks occurring.