A Guide to the Functions of Various Types of Body Towels

Towels classify according to their purpose, material, thickness, and size. While you can use one type of body towel for multiple chores, their original purpose yields the best results. There are towels for virtually everything, as will be discussed more below.



The Different Types of Towel


Cotton, lyocell, bamboo, textile composite, linen, and synthetic microfibers are usually towel materials. These materials differ in absorbency, drying speed, and weight, making them suitable for varied applications. You want to research before you invest in spa wrap towel wholesale.


1-Bath Towel

Bath towels are medium-sized towels that help dry the body after a shower or bath. These Microfiber towels are usually 28 x 55 inches in size. Adult bath towels are typically too tiny to wrap around their bodies. Cotton, cotton polyester blend, bamboo, and linen are the best materials for bath towels. These materials absorb quickly and dry swiftly.


2-Wash Cloth

Washcloths are tiny towels used to clean the skin after a shower or bath. They are either 12 by 12 inches or 13 x 13 inches in size. Soft washcloths that are easy to use with soap and water are ideal. After each usage, make sure the washcloth is completely dry.


100% cotton, cotton and polyester blends, or bamboo are the ideal fabrics for washcloths. These materials are gentle enough not to irritate the skin yet tough enough to remove toxins and other contaminants from the body.


3-Bath Sheets

Bath sheets are huge towels that help dry the body after a shower. Bath sheets range in length from 35 to 60 inches and are large enough to drape around their body. Bath sheets are broader than bath towels since the latter cannot wrap around the body.


Cotton is the best material for bath linens since it is highly absorbent and quickly dries the skin. Cotton also dries quickly, making it simple to prepare the towels for use.


4-Gym Towels

Gym towels, also known as exercise towels or sweat towels, are medium-sized towels used in the gym to remove sweat. Gym towels must be highly absorbent. Thus they are typically composed of cotton, bamboo, linen, or microfiber.


Gym towels come in many sizes, with many users opting for bath towels because of their high absorbency. They must be the proper size to avoid being too huge and heavy.


5-Spa Towel

A spa towel helps wrap the body, sit on, or even support the head in a specific position. It’s the size of a bath sheet since it needs to cover the entire body. Spa towels are soft and absorbent, allowing sweat to remove from the body fast.


Cotton is the best material for spa towels since it is both absorbent and bleach-resistant. Given the number of times spa towels get a laundry, they must be bleach resistant to prevent them become discoloured and ripped.


6-Beach Towel

A beach towel is a large, thin towel. Its design helps you to stay in the sun for extended periods. These towels dry quickly. You can use them both on the beach and beside the pool. They are frequently 40 by 70 inches in size.


Beach towels come in many sizes, fabrics, colours, and designs, with the majority of them being brightly coloured. They dry fast in the sun and breeze due to their thin profile. They work best with cotton, linen, or synthetic microfibers.



Linen has several favourable qualities such as anti-static and anti-microbial properties, is highly durable, dries rapidly, is absorbent, and is environmentally friendly. This material is the best suited for body towels. You may contact Linen Plus for spa wrap towel wholesale.